Site Editing Guidelines

The following guidelines make it easier to keep the site accurate, up-to-date, and user-friendly.
  • Do not grant anyone site-editing privileges without advising them to read these guidelines.
  • Do not place private information on public pages on the site.
  • Do not grant private access to anyone except the austin-court Google Group, nor grant austin-court group access to anyone but unit owners. Confidential archived material has been posted under a privacy assurance that only unit owners will have access. (Exception: our management company may be given access to any otherwise-private InfrastructureFinances, and Directories pages, subpages, and documents, because they have access to that information anyway.)
  • Fact-check and proofread all information prior to adding it.
  • For any page with perishable information (including external URLs), state (at the bottom of the page) when the page was last reviewed (i.e., whole page fact-checked) or modified (i.e., any information added, deleted, or changed).
  • Avoid duplicating perishable information across this site. Instead of repeating information elsewhere, link to its main location. That way, if the information changes, only one place needs updating.
  • Link to most external URLs from the Services page. Avoid duplicating those URLs elsewhere on this site; link to the Services page instead.
  • Avoid perishably referring to time relative to the present ("now", "new", "currently", "recent", "soon", "this summer", "forthcoming", etc.). Instead, explicitly state the (exact or approximate) date you're speaking of—always including the year.
  • For clarity, render numeric dates as yyyy-mm-dd, in accordance with the ISO 8601 international standard. It is the only format for which the lexicographic order matches the chronological order. (Moreover, the US mm/dd/yyyy notation is easily confused with the dd/mm/yyyy convention used elsewhere.)
  • Be concise. Limit the site to useful information about our building and Condominium Association.
Our site is hosted on Google Sites and Google Docs. The domain name is registered at DreamHost.

Information reviewed and modified 2021-03-13.