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We maintain several netcams in our building, overlooking the inner and outer lobby, parking lot, and laundry room. The cameras are capable of motion-triggered off-site recording, as well as live viewing from your web browser on any computer or smartphone, via the following links.
Some browsers will fail to display the streaming video, but should show the static image properly (you can repeatedly refresh it).*

Each of those links will prompt you for our user name and password (look here if you're a Condo Association member, i.e. unit owner; or ask your landlord or neighbors or You can tell your browser to bookmark a link and to remember the user name and password, so subsequent access will only require clicking on your bookmark.

To safeguard our privacy (and our bandwidth), please do not circulate the password to people not affiliated with our building. The links or password may change infrequently, so check back here for information if the cameras stop working for you.

The cameras' audio is disabled, and the cameras' setup/maintenance pages are accessible only to administrators.

A green light, either steady or flashing, indicates the camera is working properly. If the light is amber or off, the camera is not working properly.

Here are sample images from the cameras (click to enlarge). Configuration may change from time to time.

(Laundry cam is out of service as of June 2020.)


 parking lot (SAMPLE--NOT LIVE)

 laundry (SAMPLE--NOT LIVE)

*Alternatively, with a bit more effort, you can find on the web free IP-cam streaming-video viewers for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers, and for Android, Apple, and WIndows smartphones. When you set up such software, use as the URL and 800-803 as the ports. Sorry, the Condo Association does not provide tech support for this approach.

Technical details: D-Link DCS-930L network cameras; Starry-owned Ubiquity Amplifi WiFi extender (upstairs). Outer-lobby cam and original extender installed 2011-02-03; parking-lot cam and upgraded extender installed 2012-02-21; inner-lobby cam installed 2013-11-30, replaced 2015-06-14. Laundry cam and homebrew extender installed 2016-01-14. Starry extender and router installed 2018-05-05.

Information reviewed and modified 2020-07-01.