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Heating System

  • Heating is a shared building expense, included in our monthly condo fee.
  • Each apartment has a continuous radiator pipe that runs the length of the apartment.
    • At one end of the pipe, a zone valve (with electric wires attached) turns the flow on and off under control of the apartment's thermostat.
    • At the other end, a shutoff valve also cuts the flow off (some apartments have a shutoff valve at each end).
    • A vent valve (near the shutoff valve, looks like a spigot) is used by plumbers to bleed air from the pipes.
    • See emergency procedures regarding leaks and other problems.
  • Our forced-water heating system uses five oil burners, with a sixth oil burner for domestic hot water. All are in the basement boiler room.
  • The heating system has a primary and a standby circulating pump. The hot water system has a separate circulating pump.
  • During the heating season, the system temperature (displayed on blue panel on boiler-room wall) should be 130-180°F, depending on the outside temperature.
  • Here is the boiler control panel manual.
  • Combustion Enterprises replaced the boilers' (frequently malfunctioning) pilot lights by electronic ignition on 2013-01-21.
  • A boiler-room sump pump was installed in 2010.
  • The boiler relief valves and standby circulating pump were replaced in 2009.

Information reviewed and modified 2014-11-10.