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ISPs (Internet Service Providers):

Our building does not provide free Internet connections, but high-speed Internet service from Starry is available here (see below). Traditional ISPs such as Comcast Xfinity and Verizon are also available.

Free WiFi:

If you do not otherwise have Internet access, there are a few limited free options available here:
  • You may find among your device's WiFi listings: Cambridge Public Internet, Cambridge City Hall Public, or Central Sq 1 World WiFi. These are free, unsecured, public networks. However, they may or may not be accessible, depending on your location in or near our building.
  • There may be xfinitywifi hotspots accessible throughout the building, which may allow limited free access.
Be aware that what you send and receive via free public networks can possibly be intercepted by others, except when you are browsing secure sites (your browser designates a secure site via a closed padlock icon inside the address bar itself).

Starry Internet

As of May 2018, Austin Court is wired for availability of Starry Internet. That's an alternative to Comcast and other ISPs (Internet Service Providers). But those other options remain available here too.

Starry provides Internet service only. Unlike Comcast and some others, it does not include cable TV or a telephone landline (which you could still obtain separately).

The cost is $50/month, including all taxes and fees, and free installation, with no long-term contract or commitment. Also included is the use of a Starry wifi router and modem, and tech support. Starry abides by net neutrality.

The speed is 200 Mbps both up (data you send) and down (data you receive). Compared to a more-expensive Comcast plan, that's about 3 times as fast down, and 40 times as fast up. So, for example, if you shoot a 20-minute UHD video, you can upload it to YouTube in about 15 minutes, compared to about 10 hours via the Comcast plan.

Starry connects to you via the phone jack in your wall (unlike Comcast, which uses your coax cable jack). If you have a landline that uses your phone jack, you can keep that landline, though there would be a small extra monthly fee to be able use the phone jack for both your landline and Best Buy/Starry Internet.

For details or to sign up, go to Starry Internet.

Here at Austin Court, if you sign up for Best Buy/Starry internet by May 31, 2018, your first two months will be fully reimbursed (via a prepaid credit card).

Information reviewed and modified 2018-08-11.