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2013 balconies preliminary report

Construction Enterprises,Inc.
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Kal Unger
GO management
Cambridge Ma

January 3, 2013

RE: 12 Inman St leaks at rear of building

Dear Kal,

As you are aware we have been down to 12 inman st in Cambridge ma because of a very leaky
stairwell, caused from a few leaks in the elevator machine room on the roof. Here are the few sources for
the leaks.

1.) Porous brick at the bulkhead elevator control room, watch the water leak right through the
masonry into the room.

2.) Door to the elevator control room does not shut properly and any type of driving rain will
enter through an inch and a half gap at the top of the door.

3.) The roof to block wall flashing strip not quit long enough to cover the nailing strip and water
is leaking in at this point. Leak at the stairwell is caused by all of these leaks in the elevator
control room.

While on site we were asked to look at a window at the back of the building that was letting in water into
the building and would now like to report the following.

1.) Although we were able to reset the interior sash of the window and caulk the outer frame
we noticed the following. When the windows were replaced several years ago they were
done from the inside and were caulked at three points. Both sides, the bottom and the top
was left open because it was unreachable.

2.) At the top of these windows is a filler board that has now rotted or is in the state of rotting
leaving a huge gap in the window envelope allowing water to penetrate into the core of the
brick walls down the sides of the windows and causing the interior sills to rot out.

3.) While trying to reach this area from the balconies I fell through the decking of the balcony
and couldn’t help but notice how rotted the fir decking was leaving a very dangerous
condition. I would suggest closing all balconies until they are all inspected.

4.) Balcony doors and exterior related trim and wood siding all in very bad shape they look as if
they were never painted since the original installation, and rot has set in and the siding and
trim is in need of replacement.

5.) Rear of the building roof above 1st floor over doctors office. During our investigation we
noticed the water running out of weep holes in the brick just above the termination bar od
the rubber roof. This water is constant along with the water on the sides of the windows.
There are other leaks as well but the deck of the unit would have to be lifted off to gain
proper access to the entire roofing area. Also were the termination of rubber roofs to deck
walls is very visional why water is running in. the wood were the rubber terminates is all
rotted as mentioned above. For this being the termination could be sealed with water shut
off to stop the water from entering but this is only a temporary fix and should be flashed

Access back of building with a 100 ft lift to perform all work needed to be done. This would allow
the windows and deck work that is needed to be done but would take up a few parking spots to the left
side of the building. May I suggest a meeting with Kal and a couple of trustees to define the work scope
for pricing purposes.

If we at Construction Enterprises Inc. can be of any further assistance in this matter please feel
free to call.

John O’Brien