• The main building-key opens eight doors: inner lobby, parking-lot elevator, front and back stairwells, basement storage, sauna room (behind the laundry room on the lobby level), roof, and trash shed (in the parking lot).
  • The outer lobby door locks itself from about 10pm to 7am. When it's locked, the keypad allows entrance. For maintenance, the front-door timer is in the locked fire-alarm closet in the inner lobby. A single switch toggles DST on and off. No other settings normally require change, but if a malfunction occurs, here are instructions for reprogramming the timer. (Beware of uninsulated scalding-hot pipes in the fire-alarm closet.)
  • There is a lock box in our outer lobby with keys to the building, the basement, the roof, the boiler room (basement), the elevator machine room (roof), and the alarm room (inner lobby). A separate lock box for emergency personnel is outside our building next to the front door.
  • Our building was constructed in 1965 (according to the City of Cambridge's assessor database) and converted to condominiums in 1973 (according to our Master Deed).
  • Annual preventive maintenance:
    • Clean building's main drainage pipes (summer).
    • Check/refresh heating system's antifreeze (autumn).

Electrical system

Each unit has a circuit-breaker panel in the hallway. The basement has per-unit electric meters and breakers, accessible with the main building-key.




Lobby, Hallways, and Office

  • Our balconies were renovated in 2001-2006.
  • 2013: extensive balcony and window repair may be needed for the x3 tier. See preliminary report.