Rules & Regulations

Austin Court Condominium Association

Rules and Regulations

Emergencies: In the event of fire or other life-threatening emergencies, please call 911. For urgent problems, please call our management company. For non-urgent problems, please notify the Association rather than calling the management company directly.

Contact list: All apartment owners must inform the Association of their name, address, and real-time contact information (especially cell phone and email or instant-message, if available) in case a need arises for emergency access to your apartment. If you rent out your apartment, you must provide the tenant's contact information as well.

Security: Please do not let people into the building unless you know they have reason to enter. Please report loiterers or trespassers to the police. If you discover vandalism or attempted break-ins, please notify both the police and the Association.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited on the roof and in all indoor common areas of the building, including the lobbies, halls, stairwells, basement, laundry room, and sauna, and within ten feet of the building entrance. If you smoke in your own apartment, please ensure that your smoke does not infiltrate the hall or other apartments. If you smoke on your balcony, please do not throw your refuse to the ground.

Grilling: For fire safety, the use of grills or barbeques on the roof or the balconies is prohibited.

Storage: For aesthetic reasons, please do not use balconies for storage. Each unit has an assigned basement storage cubicle. Items left elsewhere in common areas may be discarded without notice. Please do not place anything in the hallways or stairwells, even temporarily, except mats outside the doors, and (if agreeable to your neighbors) wall hangings.

Birds: Please do not feed birds from your balcony. Birds leave drippings below.

Roof: To avoid damaging the surface, please do not walk on the roof, other than on the deck. Please be sure the roof door closes securely behind you when you come inside, to prevent a flood the next time it rains. Please clean up after yourself and your guests. Ashes can penetrate the roof cover, so smoking is prohibited.

Parking lot use: Please do not park in our parking lot, except in your assigned space (if any), or (infrequently) in any unassigned space. Violators may be towed. Except in emergencies, the vehicles of contractors or service persons you hire may park next to the elevator only while actively loading or unloading. Parking spaces in our lot are not deeded. Each apartment is entitled to rent one parking space, if available. See our Parking-lot Rules & Regulations for more details.

Antennas: The installation of antennas, satellite dishes and the like in common areas of the building must have prior approval from the Association.

Repairs: Please consult the management company at least 48 hours in advance before performing repairs or other work that affects others in the building (for example, plumbing work that requires shutting off the building's water). Except in emergencies, water shutoff and noisy construction should occur only during normal working hours (9am to 5pm, on non-holiday weekdays).

For Sale/Rent signs: A sign advertising an apartment in the building may be placed out front for up to 30 days (45 days if no other such sign is present).

These rules and regulations have been enacted by the Association board of trustees and take effect on Oct. 21, 2015 pursuant to the Association By-Laws. These Rules and Regulations replace any previous Rules and Regulations.

Information reviewed and modified 2015-10-19.