Parking-lot Rules & Regulations

Parking spaces are rented on a monthly tenant-at-will basis. There are fewer spaces than apartments, and we maintain a waiting list. Once assigned to an apartment, a parking space remains with that apartment unless the owner releases the space or stops paying for it, or the apartment changes ownership, or disability-accommodation or exigent circumstances necessitate a reassignment of parking spaces. An owner may not sublet a parking space, except to a tenant of the associated apartment. Upon signing a purchase and sale agreement, a forthcoming owner may reserve a parking space (if available) or join the waiting list.

There is also a waiting list for people renting exposed spaces who would like to switch to a space underneath the building.

You may occasionally park in unassigned spaces (if any), if you prominently display your apartment number, and phone or email, on the dashboard.

In any calendar month, if you park in unassigned spaces during part of all of each of more than three days (not necessarily on consecutive days, not necessarily in the same parking space each time), you will be charged the full parking fee for that month, plus an administrative surcharge of $25.

However, in any calendar month, the total fees (excluding the administrative surcharges) assessed under this provision will be scaled so as to not exceed the total fees that would be received if the unrented spaces that month had been rented. For example, if there are two unrented spaces but four people are assessed fees under this provision, then each will pay only half the monthly rental fee (plus the administrative surcharge).

Information reviewed and modified 2015-10-19.