Please print this print-friendly emergency-procedures page for your apartment.
For routine, non-emergency building problems, please just contact austin-court@googlegroups.com.

There is a lock box in our outer lobby with keys to all utility areas in the building.
A separate lock box for emergency personnel is outside the building next to the front door.

In case of fire:
  • Call 911.
  • Pull the fire alarm if it's not already triggered.
  • Leave the building. Use the stairs, not the elevator.
  • If you can do so safely, help any neighbors who need assistance leaving the building.
  • If it's a small fire that you can safely extinguish, use a fire extinguisher from the hallway.
If you or someone else is stuck in the elevator:
If there's a medical emergency, call 911.

If your heating pipes leak:                                 Emergency-shutdown instructions are posted in boiler room.
  • Turn off your thermostat and your radiator shutoff valve(s) (located at both ends of your heating pipes).
  • Call Go Management.
  • If the leak persists, find someone in the building who can shut off the heating system. Unless the leak is just a slow trickle, it is an emergency—wake people up if necessary to get the system shut down before major flood damage occurs.
  • Avoid contact with the heating fluid (it contains glycol antifreeze). Ventilate the area. If contact occurs, wash your hands.
If your running-water pipes leak:                      Emergency-shutdown instructions are posted in boiler room.
  • If you have a shutoff valve that stops the leak, use it. If not:
  • If the leak is slow enough to contain with pots and pans, you (or your landlord) should call a plumber and fix the leak yourselves.
  • If the leak cannot be contained, it is an emergency:
If anything is leaking into your apartment through the walls or ceiling:
  • Call Go Management.
  • If you can guess what apartment the leak originates in, please knock on their door immediately (even late at night).
  • Find someone in the building who can shut off the leaking system. Wake people up if necessary to get the system shut down before major damage occurs.
If the building's heat stops working, call Go Management. (If the pipes in the lobby are cold when heat is needed, then the building's heat is off. If the lobby pipes are hot but your own apartment is cold, the problem may be with your own plumbing, which you or your landlord will have to address yourselves.)

If the running water stops running, or the hot water is cold and does not recover soon, call our management company.

To find this page online, Google "Austin Court Emergency Procedures". Information reviewed 2010-11-02.