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If in the future you cannot find this information, there is a plaque in our outer lobby with the management company's phone number.

For non-emergency building-wide repair and maintenance requests, please contact the Association at, rather than contacting the management company directly.

Our building is managed by:

Dotprop Management (formerly Go Management)
2534 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
after-hours emergencies: 781-662-5160
head of dotprop: Casey Patterson
our building's property manager: Colin McElaney

For maintenance requests:

For accounting requests:

For project management:

Online forms at Dotprop enable you to:
  • Provide required owner and resident contact information. Please update your own information if it is not current.
  • Set up automatic monthly condo-fee payments from your bank account (or else mail payments c/o Dotprop Management).

Information reviewed 2019-12-21, modified 2020-09-28.